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Watts Rebellion 1965

“There are two types of Negroes in this country. There’s the bourgeois type who blinds himself to the condition of his people and who is satisfied with token solutions. He’s in the minority. He’s a handful. He’s usually the hand-picked Negro who benefits from token integration. But [it’s the] masses of Black people who really suffer the brunt of brutality and the conditions that exist in this country[.]” Malcolm X

Pre-covid, I met up with an old high school friend at a U street bar. A time when we were able to stand next to a stranger, open-mouth breathing without…

After leaving a silent dance party on H st my friends and I made our way to Copycat to grab drinks. After laughing and drinking, we began our long-drawn-out goodbyes.

As I turned to leave, the bartender who moments earlier was behind the bar had bumped into me. A black man roughly 6'2" with deep brown skin and a dry horseshoe mustache. The bartender aggressively approached two black women sitting at the bar and snatched their plate of food.

“This bitch gotta go!” he yelled.

The two women had been drinking and eating at the bar unnoticed for some time…

Pierrea Naketa

Speaking truth to power.

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